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We have offered support for children connected to foreign countries so they can enter high school since 2009. However, we understand that only entering school does not solve all the problems those kids have to face. Besides their own teenage troubles, students might find it difficult to keep up with their classes and choose a future career path.

Most of ABC Japan’s support programs were aimed at students from primary and middle school. In 2020, we increased the support extent to teenagers and high school students. 

Our project is to keep those support programs online, so children from other areas may also access, even if they’re located in distant areas of Japan.

  • Creation of an exchange space
  • Career plan
  • Reclaiming roots, language and culture classes

It is very common that children connected to foreign countries will face the same kind of worries and difficulties, regardless of their origins, age and nationality.

These kids have little reference to similar troubles or a place where they feel comfortable to consult about the local community and the language barriers.

The existence of senior students, a bit older, that may become role-models to younger children is very important for their development and growth. At ABC Japan, we have a space where junior and senior students have the opportunity to exchange their experiences in Japan and express their troubles and worries as foreigners.

This way, chatting and getting to know each other better, we’re providing those kids an opportunity to understand their difficulties and be proud of their origins.

At ABC Japan, we created a space so children that have just arrived in Japan can learn Japanese language and how to communicate in this new idiom when they enter high school.

Since 2020, ABC Japan has been working to develop a Japanese language program to prepare young students to enter college and workplaces, focusing on allowing these teenagers to recognize all the different opportunities they have after they graduate from high school.

Even though these children and teenagers are surrounded by full-time employed adults, they might not be familiar with different career options and occupation areas. To fill this gap, at ABC Japan the support program for the next generations provides more information about learning Japanese language, how to choose a career path and what kind of occupations match their personal vocation.

Children connected to foreign countries might feel bad about their origins due to the cultural differences and language barrier, the lack of positive experiences in the new country and the lack of opportunities to meet more of Japan. 

This scenario can make them feel apprehensive and unconfident. These negative emotions may lead them to mental health instabilities and affect their relationship with their parents and families.

At ABC Japan, we’re building an environment where these children can reflect about their origins and roots. Learning about the countries they’re connected to and sharing experiences and thoughts with children in similar circumstances, they’ll be able to figure out together their own identities.

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