Medical orientation service

Medical orientation service

Medical Institutions

We help you find a medical institution or hospital near your home.

Japanese Health System

Orientation and easy understanding about the Japanese Health System and the medical treatments.


Consult us whenever you have any questions about your health.

ABC Japan's Medical Orientation

In February 2021 ABC Japan began doing medical orientation support in Portuguese with the purpose of assisting the Brazilian community in Japan with their questions regarding Covid-19. The support was held as consultations over the phone. In the year of 2021, the health support telephone service was operating every Wednesday, from 1 PM to 7 PM.

In 2020, a national survey counted the total population in Japan. Around 125 million Japanese people, while the foreign residents counted 2.887.116 people, 2.30% of the total population. These foreigner residents, from the largest number, were from the following nationalities: Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Philippine and Brazilian. The total number of Brazilian residents in Japan in 2020 was 285.538 people, according to the Department of Immigration Control. Even though the Brazilian residents have been living in Japan for so many years, due to difficulties of understanding the language, culture, climate and health system, they can’t make significant progress in their medical treatments.

The Medical Orientation support service offered by ABC Japan provides assistance to those people who face difficulties understanding the Japanese language, so they can receive safe and clear medical care. We offer information about health and medical assistance through an easy-to-understand vocabulary.

Orientation about health

The medical orientation support tries to answer questions such as “Can this symptom be an illness?” or “Should I look for medical assistance?” or any inquiries about physical and mental health.

Medical orientation

In case the patient feels insecure about visiting the doctor or have any questions about the medication or treatment prescribed, our medical orientation may help you understand better your symptoms and necessary treatment.

Mental Health

In terms of Mental Health, differently from other medical needs, a doctor can’t support the patient without attentive hearing and exchanging their thoughts. An adequate treatment and diagnosis can only be made through evaluating both the symptoms the patient presents and their life conditions (family relationships, social integration, work, work relationships, and so on).

To get satisfactory results in the treatment it is essential to have good communication between patient and therapist. The diagnosis and treatment include understanding the possible collateral effects and patiently proceed with the treatment.

At ABC Japan, we offer support in Portuguese for those who seek information, orientation and translations related to mental health.

Orientation about medical institutions

ABC Japan assists patients to find the nearest hospital or clinic whenever they have doubts regarding which medical specialty they should seek medical care.

Our medical orientation support aims to assist those who:

  • Have difficulties when trying to access medical institutions;
  • Can’t find proper medical care;
  • Even though they do get medical care, they can’t clearly understand the doctor’s instructions and treatment because of the language barrier.

Call our service duty

The medical orientation service is available over the phone on Wednesdays, from 5 PM to 7 PM.

Frequently asked questions

There is a website called “Iryou Joho Net”, in Japanese. In this portal you can find all medical institutions, cataloged by prefecture and city. If you have any difficulties using the website in Japanese, we can help you look for the nearest clinic or hospital.

As a rule, whenever a medical appointment is done through the National Health Insurance (Kokumin Kenko Hoken or Shakai Hoken), the same amount is charged anywhere in Japan. However, some hospitals may charge up to ¥5.000 additional fees, while dental care may charge up to ¥3.000 additional fees in the first medical appointment. 

If your appointment or emergency was during the weekend, holiday or at night, an additional fee may also apply.

We generally advise patients to have in mind a nearby clinic in their neighborhood, in case of common diseases or light injuries.

Preventive exams can be done in any medical institution in your city. Even if you do fit in the target population for specific exams, including your age group or symptoms, different fees may apply to each city or prefecture. Please inquire about appointments and fees at your local hospital or clinic.

It is believed that there are three main reasons: the increasing number of patients, the lack of available professionals and because these treatments generally take longer to show results, in comparison to other medical specialties.

  • Anxiety: 不安 (fuan)
  • Insomnia or difficulty to sleep: 眠れない (nemurenai)
  • Irritability: イライラ (ira ira)
  • Depressed humor: 気分の落ち込み (kibun no ochikomi)
  • Sadness: 悲しみ (kanashimi)
  • Bipolar disorder: 双極性障害 (soukyokusei shougai)
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder: 強迫性障害 (kyouhakusei shougai)
  • Anxiety disorder: 不安障害 (fuan shougai)
  • Schizophrenia: 統合失調症 (tougou shichou shou)
  • Sleep disorders: 不眠症  (fumin shou)
  • Panic Syndrome: パーニック障害 (panikku shougai)
  • Panic attack: パーニック発作 (panikku hossa)
  • Developmental disorders: 発達障害 (hattatsu shougai)
  • Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: ADHD

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