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ABC Free school is a space where children can meet friends in a similar situation as them, and create new connections.

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Study from home and prepare for entrance exams to enter high school.

“For me, ABC was an NPO that helped me enter high school as soon as I arrived in Japan. Not only ABC Free School helped me study, but it also supported me so I could get used to living in Japan and prepared me to keep up with the high school classes on my own.”

Keven Oliveira

ABC Free School Alumni

ABC Free School

About the project

ABC Free School offers students support to enter regular Japanese high school. This educational support was designed for newcomer foreign teenagers that have just graduated from middle school or for teenagers that did not have prior opportunities to study in Japan.

The classes gather students from various countries such as Brazil, China, Nepal and Philippines. Children in our classes usually have left family and friends behind in their home countries to come along to Japan with their parents. ABC Free School is a safe place for children that are suffering from anxiety and loneliness in a country where they can’t understand the language. In this space, they can meet classmates and friends in a similar condition and create connections with each other.

Children born and raised in Japan that face similar issues in Japanese schools may also attend ABC Free School and find a safe environment to share their feelings and experiences with other students. 

ABC School organizes activities to introduce Japanese culture and society to children and teenagers connected to foreign countries. Our interactions include exchange experiences with local schools and colleges, as well as sports activities to encourage physical and mental growth.

Challenges faced by newcomers

Young students that arrive in Japan right after graduating from middle school may only continue their studies by enrolling in high school, due to the school system in Japan. The study level here is directly related to the student’s age, so even if a student would like to enroll in middle school again to deepen their learning in Japanese, they’re not allowed to do so. 

The high school admission process may be difficult due to differences in school curriculum and foreign students might find it particularly difficult to adapt to the course held entirely in Japanese language.

Research indicates that the rate of Japanese students that proceed to high school is 98,8% against 60% of foreign students.

Challenges for those who were born and raised in Japan

The language proficiency for casual and daily conversations does not necessarily reflect in the ability to keep up with academic vocabulary and school lessons. If a child does not use the Japanese language to communicate at home, they have fewer contact with abstract expressions and complex vocabulary. 


Many foreign-related children have difficulties getting help from their parents to do their homework, since these foreign parents might not have a lot of time or enough Japanese language proficiency to assist their children with school matters. This way, these children face difficulties keeping up with classes and assignments.


Another recurring issue children related to foreign countries face is feeling like an outsider and suffering bullying from classmates. Their cultural background when contrasted to the Japanese culture can emphasize prejudice, and in this case, foreign children might even drop out from school.


Meet our professors

Ako Okada

岡田 亜子

Born in Japan, Kanagawa Prefecture. Okada has been teaching the Japanese language since 2005. She has experience working as a part-time professor in a Japanese language school. At ABC Free School, Okada teaches Japanese to foreign middle school students that want to enter high school since 2019.

Yoshiko Watabe

渡部 佳子

Born in Japan, Kanagawa Prefecture. Currently teaching at ABC Juku, Watabe has experience as a professor at a preparatory course (Juku) for 8 years (2001 – 2008). After qualifying as a Japanese language professor in 2009, Watabe joined ABC Japan to build ABC Juku. At ABC Free School, she teaches all school subjects, including Japanese.

Taeko Okuyama

奥山 妙子

Born in Japan, Ibaraki Prefecture, Okuyama has been teaching at prep schools since she was a student herself. Okuyama teaches complementary classes for High School students and gives support to Middle School students that want to enter High School. Among her lessons, the support includes subjects such as Math and English, always using a simplified Japanese to make learning easier for the foreign students.

Become an ABC Japan student

We have years of experience teaching students from various nationalities and different life contexts. Our professors and team are ready to support your children’s studies, elevate their academic performance and give them opportunities for different career paths.



Course content: The curriculum at ABC Free School is mainly composed of English, Mathematics and Japanese.

Beginning of course: Consult our support team.

Payment method: SmartPit (Konbini), LINE Pay, Credit card (Paypal) or bank transfer.

Frequently asked questions

To use SmartPit, it is possible to pay at convenience shops (Lawson, Family Mart and Ministop) through a code. At the convenience shop, use the self service computer machine to generate the code bar and pay at the cashier. If there are any concerns on how to use the self service computer, please ask for assistance to a local employee.

ABC Juku uses Zoom as their streaming platform. Students can participate in class through the computer or through a smartphone.

Please get in touch with our team through the email If you prefer, you may also send us a message on social media, either our Instagram profile or Facebook page.

Yes, your children may enroll at ABC Free School, as learning Japanese is part of the curriculum.

ABC Japan Headquarters

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