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About the course

ABC Japan offers a Chinese course with native professors, so students can better absorb and understand the content.

We’re focused on increasing the student’s professional and personal opportunities. The mastery of foreign languages can be a great differential to stand out among other professionals. 

In this course, we’re also trying to emphasize the importance of preserving cultural roots, especially to those whose ancestors come from other countries. With the support of the Government of Japan, we’re promoting courses for young foreigners to learn more about the Chinese language and culture. 

Expand your social circles through learning a foreign language. Communicate with different people while learning more about this millennial culture.

Meet our professor

小峰 麗先生

Rei Komine

Komine was born in the province of Hebei, China. She has experience working in companies, at the Chinese Government and at the Government of Japan. Komine’s mother language is Chinese, and she is also fluent in Japanese. She has been teaching from children to adults, primary schoolers to university students.


Our available courses

Chinese Language Course

ABC Japan’s Chinese Language Course offers the students the opportunity to study in a personalized way, focusing on personal and individual needs. We also offer face-to-face classes and group lessons.

Chinese Language Course for Youth

Through the support of the Government of Japan, ABC Japan offers a free Chinese language course for young Chinese residents in Japan, so they can reclaim their roots and identity from their ancestor’s country.

Frequently asked questions

To use SmartPit, it is possible to pay at convenience shops (Lawson, Family Mart and Ministop) through a code. At the convenience shop, use the self service computer machine to generate the code bar and pay at the cashier. If there are any concerns on how to use the self service computer, please ask for assistance to a local employee.

Chinese Language Courses uses Zoom as their streaming platform. Students can participate in class through the computer or through a smartphone.

Yes, we do offer Chinese Language Courses for non-residents in Japan. The payment can be made through the Flywire portal or PayPal. Monetary exchange rates are the student’s responsibility.

Please get in touch with our team through the email If you prefer, you may also send us a message on social media, either our Instagram profile or Facebook page.

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