We don’t think of our community to be made only of foreigners, we see it as a compound of diverse people beyond their nationalities.

A lot of foreigners live in Tsurumi, Yokohama. However, there aren’t many opportunities for them to interact with Japanese people.

Cultural differences may result in conflicts and misunderstandings. To relieve this kind of situation, here at ABC Japan we work to create opportunities to connect people regardless of their origins and without discrimination.

  • Workshop “What is it like to be a foreigner?”
  • Itinerant classes
  • Lectures
  • Participation in events
  • Multicultural activities

This workshop was created to convey to the Japanese people a little bit of the experience of not understanding the language around them, since many of them don’t have the opportunity to travel abroad and, because of that, they might not really understand the difficulties of trying to live day-to-day in a foreign country.

This program consists of presenting a mission in Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish or other languages, and the participants will try to understand the activity they have to do while experiencing the discomfort of being in a situation where they can’t clearly understand what is going on.

This workshop is usually offered in High Schools, Universities and events. In the end, some participants even join ABC Japan as volunteers in educational support programs.

These workshops are organized and held by students from ABC Japan Free School and foreign college students, because both of them go through many similar situations in their daily lives here in Japan.

Although most of these foreign students need support for many issues in their routines, in this workshop environment, they can show their strengths and the challenges they face day-to-day.

ABC Japan holds lectures and workshops in collaboration with schools and colleges around the Tsurumi area.

In middle school, where many students have connections with foreign countries, activities of dance (samba), capoeira, cooking, games and presentations of Brazilian Nikkei have been held in the “Cultural Fair” for the past 10 years. These students are happy to learn more about the countries they have connections with, and the Japanese students, while learning more about these countries, get to understand more about the reality and cultural background of their foreigner friends. It’s an opportunity for new discoveries for both Japanese and foreigner-related students.

In ABC Japan trainings and lectures, we present to Nikkei leaders in foreign communities and volunteers going to work abroad about the activities the Organization does, and the issues related to foreigners in Japan. This activity is held under requests from entities such as JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, among other organizations.

ABC Japan constantly joins local events to share the delicious Brazilian food, to present our activities as an Organization and to offer word games to help the public learn more about our entity and to become more familiar with Brazilian culture.

ABC Japan offers many courses about foreign languages and cultures, held by native speakers.

Classes are divided according to individual students’ level and needs. Portuguese language classes are offered in both group or private lessons.

Chinese Language classes are held by native professors. In this course, students will learn about culture, traditions and Chinese expressions. 

The course is offered from beginner to advanced levels. The course may be personalized to individual needs. Chinese language classes are offered in both group or private lessons.

ABC Japan Headquarters

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