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Raise your children's results

Count on ABC Japan’s professors to support your children. At ABC Juku, students will become more prepared to study and perform well in school.

Open enrollment

Our courses are open for enrollment. Sign up and start studying with us!

Private lessons

ABC Juku course offers private lessons to give personalized care and individual evolution for your children.

Personalized classes

Besides a selection of subjects available, ABC Juku is flexible to support your children's educational needs.

About ABC Juku

ABC Juku is an online initiative created and held by ABC Japan for over 8 years.

If your children are facing difficulties at school, we recommend enrolling them in complementary activities and extra classes at ABC Juku courses.

We understand that the language barrier may affect the school performance of foreign students. If necessary, our professors at ABC Juku are trained to use easy or simplified Japanese language (やさしい日本語) to help them understand the classes better.

ABC Juku is a support course for Middle School (中学校) and High School (高校) students.

Meet our professors

渡部 佳子先生

Yoshiko Watanabe

Born in Japan, Kanagawa Prefecture. Currently teaching at ABC Juku, Watabe has experience as a professor at a preparatory course (Juku) for 8 years (2001 – 2008). After qualifying as a Japanese language professor in 2009, Watabe joined ABC Japan to build ABC Juku. With over 20 years of experience, she supports Middle School students with complementary classes and prepares them to enter High School.

奥山 妙子先生

Taeko Okuyama

Born in Japan, Ibaraki Prefecture, Okuyama has been teaching at prep schools since she was a student herself. Okuyama teaches complementary classes for High School students and gives support to Middle School students that want to enter High School.

服部 恵先生

Megumi Hattori

Born in the United States but with family roots in Aichi Prefecture, Hattori lived in many countries that speak Spanish as their official language. After working as an English professor at a private High School, Hattori has been teaching Japanese Language for Primary and Middle School students at a public school and English Language at ABC Juku.

Learn more about ABC Juku

Access the link below to learn more details about our courses.

Frequently asked questions

To use SmartPit, it is possible to pay at convenience shops (Lawson, Family Mart and Ministop) through a code. At the convenience shop, use the self service computer machine to generate the code bar and pay at the cashier. If there are any concerns on how to use the self service computer, please ask for assistance to a local employee.

ABC Juku uses Zoom as their streaming platform. Students can participate in class through the computer or through a smartphone.

In each course page there is a link button to access an enrollment form. Depending on the course you’d like to enroll in, there is a level exam or an interview with a professor to allow ABC Juku to elaborate the classes and course plan specifically for the student.

The class schedule is defined according to the student’s availability and necessity.

Please get in touch with our team through the email If you prefer, you may also send us a message on social media, either our Instagram profile or Facebook page.

ABC Juku online offers basis support to Math, English and りか (理科).

ABC Japan Headquarters

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