After school program

Tsuruminho is an environment at school where children with similar stories may meet.


The course is completely free, adding no expenses to students and parents.

Social circle

It is a great opportunity for your children to expand their social circles.

Place of study

Here, children are encouraged to study and enhance their education.

About Tsuruminho

Tsuruminho is ABC Japan’s after-school weekly support program. Around 40 children connected to foreign countries join Tsuruminho per year. During the weekly activity, children may complete their homework, read outloud and recite the multiplication tables, practice writing kanji and math exercises. 

Since the beginning of the program, children have reportedly increased their homework submissions in school. Tsuruminho creates a safe place for children in a similar life context to meet and share their experiences.

The local community of Tsurumi ward and college students work in the Tsuruminho project. This way, our support program also allows adults to meet and socialize while they care for the kids. 

During summer break, when the homework load is larger, Tsuruminho also offers extra meeting sessions, so children may work on their assignments and tasks in a fun and relaxed environment.

When near the holiday season, Tsuruminho promotes workshops with children to teach them how to make gifts and cards. They prepare all handmade presents to share with their friends and family, and the party for gift exchanging is highly expected by all of our collaborators and members.

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