Seminários e palestras​

Com uma gama diversa de temas, a ABC Japan promove periodicamente eventos como seminários e palestras dos mais diversos temas.

Seminars and lectures

Exploring a diverse range of subjects, ABC Japan promotes periodical events such as seminars and lectures, on various topics.

Based on the largest difficulties and questions circulating around the foreign community, we’re constantly developing and improving our lecture content, to guarantee that everyone will be able to access trustworthy information at our seminars.

Com base nas maiores dificuldades e dúvidas da comunidade estrangeira, estamos constantemente desenvolvendo e aprimorando o nosso conteúdo para que todos tenham acesso a um conteúdo de qualidade e confiança

Education Fair 2023"

Education Fair 2023″ for junior high and high school students and youths related to foreign countries

We promote face-to-face seminars and lectures

Sowing information

The admissions system for high school and college in Japan are unique. ABC Japan holds seminars and lectures to explain in depth about the Japanese educational system, examination methods, enrollment fees and other information about schools with the assistance of interpreters and various languages.

Because ABC Japan’s goal is to create more awareness about education, we count on the participation of both parents and students, so they plan together their future as a family and consider the path of university education for their children.

The seminars rely on the experience of college students connected to foreign countries. In this approach, we provide the audience with interviews and reports from successful foreign students that chose to enter college. This way, both parents and children can mirror themselves in those examples, considering that they achieved successful careers even though they have similar origins full of difficulties, as well as language and cultural barriers in Japan. 

During the orientation, schools and universities come present about their study programs and answer inquiries and questions from the audience.

Seminars and lectures in the digital world

Online events

Orientation guides

Various seminars

As the Covid-19 Pandemic hit the world, ABC Japan had to reinvent its ways and started promoting events that would usually be face-to-face, online. This way, it was possible to reach a broader audience, breaking through geographical barriers. We explore topics within education, health and other relevant themes in the foreign community in Japan.

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