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“Our future”, the basic guide for Social Security and Assistance for Brazilians in Japan, was released by the Brazilian Consulate in Tokyo, in 2020. In 2021, with the support of the Yokohama Prefecture support, ABC Japan developed a series of videos based on the original guide.

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Guide production

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Mandatory Insurances

Social Security and National Insurance

High medical expenses

Hospitalization expenses

Treatment system for elderly

Kaigo Hoken

Kaigo hoken assistance types

Elderly housing and nursing homes

Paying for assistance services

Private insurance

Social assistance

Japan welfare

Old-age pension

Retirement by disability

Pension due to death

Exemption or postponement

Support allowance for low-income pensioners

Private pension

Contribution time total

Social security in Brazil

Transition rules

Pension due to death in Brazil

Retirement by disability in Brazil

Social security agreement between Japan and Brazil

How to use the social security agreement between Brazil and Japan

Where to request your benefits

Proof of life

Unemployment insurance

Benefits to continue employed

Preparing for your last life stage

Public procedures

Elderly support programs


Elderly abuse

ABC Japan Headquarters

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