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Between the queries we’ve attended to the community since the establishment of ABC Japan Organization, we heard complaints like “I have an issue” or “I don’t know what to do”. While hearing those complaints, we noticed that small worries and troubles keep building up and affect the mental health of the individuals in our community.

Until now, our main focus was to hear everyone attentively and introduce them to the system, but besides that, we noticed it was also necessary to bring specialized psychological support.

Therefore, since 2020 we have brought specialized psychological support in cooperation with therapists and specialists that speak native Portuguese and are certified to perform queries in their native language in Japan.

  • The adult mind
  • The child mind
  • ピアサポート

When someone finds themself in a complex situation, such as big changes in their life, a big decision they must take or an important loss, many emotions that cloud their thoughts may appear.

Difficult situations such as “I have problems” or “I don’t know what to do” may be factors that negatively affect anyone’s mental health. 

For example, the anxiety of leaving their home country behind, where they were used to the life and routine, to face a new language and a new culture, live, work and study within unknown situations, raise their children in this context, and so on.

Therefore, psychological or emotional support is so important. This way, we’re able to help our community members to ease their emotions, unburden their cloudy thoughts and realign their mental health and confidence to relieve their individual pain.

Besides, while giving our community emotional support, we help our members to have a better life in Japan.

Adults are not the only ones who need emotional support. Children and students also have their worries, and have to face many difficulties while they go through the process of growth.

Particularly children that have connections with Japan will have complaints such as:

“People call me … and make fun of me.”

“My parents called me to come to Japan with them, far away from my family and friends that have always been with me, but I don’t understand what people here in Japan say and I can’t adapt, I want to go back…”

“My native language and culture are different from my parents’ culture, so I have a hard time trying to communicate with them…”

“I’m the one who speaks Japanese best at home, I try my best to help my parents with everything they need, but in fact I wanted to be hanging out with my friends more.”

Children and students, without realizing, are trying too hard to fit in and endure, but don’t tell their parents because they don’t want them to worry or they might not even realize they’re struggling so much.

This support we brought to ABC Japan is not only for the individuals, but also for families. People confirm their existence through interactions in society, community and in the relations they create in each one of them. Family is one part of those interactions, and the impact family has to create individual identity is huge. 

In other words, individual worries may affect their family members, while family challenges also affect each family member individually. 

Therefore, we try to face it not as an individual matter, but we try to create a synergic effect through the support based on the family as a unit, and we empower them while we care and encourage them to keep moving forward.

ABC Japan Headquarters

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