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The Brazilian community in Japan is composed of both people that have been living in Japan for over 20 years to newcomers.

Even though the community has been here for such a long time, there aren’t enough opportunities for individuals to learn and develop professional abilities and language proficiency to establish a solid and stable life in Japan.

Focusing on practical abilities, ABC Japan offers courses of Japanese language for adults and preparatory courses for electrician exams.

  • Japanese language course for adults
  • Preparatory course for “Dai 2 Shu Denki Koujishi” exam
  • Day-to-day in Japan Seminars

This course for adults was built to assist newcomers in Japan. If they have any difficulties with daily Japanese language, issues in their work environments, troubles raising their children in a foreign country, medical concerns, among other personal matters. 

Classes are held on Saturdays, so these newcomers can work during weekdays. The content was carefully designed to practical applications of the Japanese language, including basic grammar, daily expressions and formal-style speech for interactions in professional environments.

For those who work on weekends, ABC Japan also holds online Japanese language course classes for adults.

Within the historical context of the Tsurumi Area, a lot of people work in the field of electric installations.

Even though many of these professionals have a lot of experience and have been working in the field of electric installations for years, it might be hard to obtain an electrician qualification certificate.

ABC Japan offers an intensive course twice a year for foreigners that would like to obtain the electrician qualification. This course is held weekly on Sundays, a month prior to the exam dates.

Aside from the basic knowledge on electric installations, this course will prepare the exam candidates to read the exam questions, the differences between vocabulary used during the exam and while performing the actual electrician work, and some common kanji used in this career. 

The course welcomes candidates from various age groups (from 20 to 60 years old), and from different residence locations. Students come from various prefectures aside Kanagawa, such as Aichi and Gunma. They may apply the knowledge they acquire from the preparatory course in other workfields so they build their own solid and stable income.

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