Everyday improving the quality of life of foreign residents in Japan

About us

ABC Japan is a private Non-Profit Organization (NPO) founded in 2000 and formally recognized as a NPO in 2006. Our initial objective was supporting Brazilian residents in Tsurumi (Yokohama, Kanagawa). 


Since 1990, following a reform in the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act, a large number of Brazilians have entered Japan.


This new community faced countless problems related to work and everyday life. ABC Japan was then founded to assist these new residents in Japan with their personal and professional issues, as well as to create a friendly environment between Japanese and foreigners.


Our headquarters are located in the city of Yokohama, Japan.


Meanwhile, we also offer several courses, lectures and workshops aimed at different audiences over the internet, so participants can join regardless of their geographic location.  

Together with JICA (the Japan International Cooperation Agency), we operate in Brazil through two initiatives: the project for supporting immigrants and nikkei people (descendants of Japanese imigrants) and the project for professional development in Brazil. To learn more about our projects abroad, click here.

In case you wish to visit us, it is required to schedule in advance. Please contact us through one of our communication channels.

How we utilize our resources

All funds collected by ABC Japan have the sole purpose of ensuring that the projects carried out by the organization do not run out of funding and continue year after year. Each activity needs a team of professionals and volunteers, space (whether physical or digital), resources for publicization and for reaching people, as well as for materials and even for the basics, such as water and electricity. 


In order to maintain our physical and digital spaces, monthly costs are generated and must be borne with our entity’s money, since the funds designed to finance most of our initiatives do not cover fixed expenses like these. If you wish to know more about how to donate, please click here.