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Our support service is available for all regions of Japan.

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The support service is in both Portuguese and Spanish.

About ABC Health

With the intention of providing health support for foreign residents in Japan, ABC Japan NPO began the psychological care in 2020 and the medical orientation in 2021. 

Anyone can be emotionally affected before complex situations in their lives, such as facing big changes, having to make important decisions or when suffering losses. Throughout the years, ABC Japan has held countless seminars, workshops and study groups for the Brazilian community and for entities that support foreign residents in Japan.

Aside from these events, we offer personal services of psychological care and medical orientation.

Our professionals


(CRP 06/98248 – Brazil)

Iwaki graduated in Clinical Psychology at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) in 1992 and is a Certified Public Psychologist through the Japanese National Exam (Kounin Shinri Shi) in 2019. She lives in Japan since 1994, and has been working with psychosocial assistance focused in the areas of sexually transmitted diseases, children and youth psychodiagnosis and migration processes. Iwaki specialized in “Mental Health, Cultural Processes and Psychological Interventions in Minority Immigrants and Social Excluded People” at the University of Barcelona, and is currently a grad student at a specialization in Cognitive Behavioral Therapies at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUC-RS).

Elisa Iwaki provides psychological support in Japanese, Portuguese or Spanish.


Mayra Kurade

(CRP 06/98248 – ブラジル)

Psychologist specialist in Group Dynamics at the Brazilian Society of Group Dynamics. Kurade has over 10 years of experience working with Human Resources, especially in training and development of occupational health and safety, as well as clinical psychological care. She has been working with psychosocial assistance for Brazilians in Japan, instructing professors, parents and caregivers. Kurade teaches them about disorders related to neurodevelopment, especially when related to the autism spectrum. She is specialized in “Mental Health, Cultural Processes and Psychological Interventions in Minority Immigrants and Social Excluded People” at the University of Barcelona, and is currently a grad student in Psychology of the Intercultural Relations at the Universitary Institute of Lisboa (ISCTE).

Mayra Kurade provides psychological support in Portuguese.

津島 真利絵

Sonia Tsushima

(CREMESP 33.663 – Brazil)

Doctor graduated in Medicine at the College of Medical Sciences of Santos in 1978. Tsushima is a specialist in Holistic Therapy, from studies in homeopathy, medical acupuncture, psychosomatic medicine, neurolinguistic programming, among other areas. In 1983 she was certified a specialist in homeopathy through the Brazilian Federal Council of Medicine. Tsushima lives in Japan since 1992 and has worked with information and medical counseling in NPOs and assistance programs for Brazilians in Japan. Since 2000, she has been working with support and counseling for physical and mental health, including her contributions at the Yotsuya Yui Clinic since 2006. She was registered as a psychosomatic medicine doctor at the Transcultural Psychiatric Association of Japan in 2004.

Sonia Tsushima provides support services in Japanese or Portuguese.


安永 へジーナ

Regina Kaetsu

(CREMESP 68.624 – Brazil)

Graduated in Medicine at the School of Medicine of the Technical-Educational Foundation Souza Marques (1988). Kaetsu did her Medical Residency in Preventive and Social Medicine at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (1989 – 1991), and had experiences in the area of Collective Health. She was a JICA Scholarship Researcher at the Public Health and Hygiene Department at the University of Fukuoka (1992 – 1994). Since 2013, Kaetsu has been working with Information and Medical Assistance in NPOs.

Regina Kaetsu provides support services in Japanese or Portuguese.


Our services

Psychological care

The psychological support service helps the patient observe their own feelings and thoughts with more clarity. This way, their mental health can be restored, alleviating anxieties and difficulties and finding a more balanced lifestyle.


Medical orientation

The medical orientation service supports the foreign patients to understand better and clarify their questions about their health. This service support is especially important for those foreigners who don’t understand the Japanese language very well, so after their medical appointments they’ll be able to clearly understand their health conditions and indicated treatments.

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