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Courses with discounts

We offer free courses and courses with significant discounts, so education is accessible for everyone.

Certified professors

Our professors are all certified in teaching Japanese.

About the Japanese language courses

With over a decade of experience, the ABC Nihongo course has taught Japanese language to students from all over the world. Currently, because of the possibility of holding online classes, our professors also teach students that live in countries other than Japan.

We understand the importance of mastering Japanese, not only due to the relevance of being proficient in foreign languages for professional opportunities, but for personal and individual growth too. With this genuine intention of providing a better quality of life to the foreign community in Japan, we started the Japanese language courses at ABC Japan.

From beginner to advanced levels, we offer Japanese lessons for everyone. Using a simple and intuitive language, you’ll be able to learn Japanese smoothly. Get in touch with our team to get your personalized course plan to learn Japanese at your own pace.

Meet our professionals

渡部 佳子老师

Yoshiko Watabe

Born in Japan, Kanagawa Prefecture, Watabe has been a Japanese language professor since 2009. She has experiences teaching part-time at a Japanese language school, and besides teaching Japanese, Watabe is a prep course professor, teaches at ABC Japan’s electrician course and also instructs about Japanese culinary in a simple and uncomplicated vocabulary.

服部 恵老师

Megumi Hattori

Born in the United States but with family roots in Aichi Prefecture, Hattori lived in many countries that speak Spanish as their official language. After working as an English professor at a private High School, Hattori has been teaching Japanese Language for Primary and Middle School students at a public school. At ABC Japan, Hattori teaches both English and Japanese.

Our Japanese language courses

Online ABC Nihongo

The Online ABC Nihongo course offers the students the opportunity to study Japanese in a personalized way, focused on their individual needs. We also offer group lessons face-to-face.

Courses with subsidy

Through the support of the Government of Japan, ABC Japan offers free courses to prepare young students for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test – JLPT.

Frequently asked questions

To use SmartPit, it is possible to pay at convenience shops (Lawson, Family Mart and Ministop) through a code. At the convenience shop, use the self service computer machine to generate the code bar and pay at the cashier. If there are any concerns on how to use the self service computer, please ask for assistance to a local employee.

ABC Juku uses Zoom as their streaming platform. Students can participate in class through the computer or through a smartphone.

In each course page there is a link button to access an enrollment form. Depending on the course you’d like to enroll in, there is a level exam or an interview with a professor to allow ABC Juku to elaborate the classes and course plan specifically for the student.

For the courses with the government subsidy program there is a target age group, while the other regular Japanese language courses there is no age group or limitation*.* If interested in classes for children, please contact us directly at

The courses with the government subsidy are offered for free. However, the other courses will have a monthly fee to cover up maintenance expenses and compensation for our staff.

The class schedule is available on each course’s website pages. There is also the possibility of scheduling private lessons according to the student’s availability and necessities.

We offer specific preparatory courses for the JLPT – Japanese Language Proficiency Test for free, with the subsidy of the Government of Japan. For those who do not fit in the course requirements, we also offer private lessons or group classes to prepare students to the JLPT, according to their needs.

Yes, ABC Japan does offer Japanese language courses for non-residents in Japan. The payment can be made through the Flywire portal or PayPal. Monetary exchange rates are the student’s responsibility.

The leveling test is an online form with questions based on the original JLPT exam. After enrolling in the course and completed the leveling test, the student will receive an email notification from ABC Japan team.

The courseware used was designed and made by ABC Japan, and it is included and provided in all courses. All the didactic material is available online at our online library. Our team will assist the student to select the most suitable courseware according to their level and profile.

The timetable and agenda differ from each course, and the complete description can be found at each course’s page.


Please get in touch with our team through the email If you prefer, you may also send us a message on social media, either our Instagram profile or Facebook page.


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