Our Mission

「Study, work and smile」

This motto expresses well how our entity is and how our activities were planned. 

ABC Japan was founded in 2000 to attend to our local community’s needs, and suddenly our field of action expanded. To “help those who need” was the base that enabled this expansion.

Our strength is to be inside the community. As the community has evolved, the entity grew.

We offer support and a growing environment for the people of our community. From the lessons they learn, they create actions for the entity’s activities. During this exchange, we also always exchange smiles.

We wish that: 

“The children will have many opportunities in the future”

“The foreigner residents can live a stable and happy life in Japan”

“There is equality regardless of their nationality, Japanese or foreigner”

We’ve come this far driven by the motto “to help those who need”, and the result from our actions are the activities we carry out today. We build new activities according to our community’s needs. 

It might sound cheesy, but we wish to build a happy and prosperous society, expanding the “circle of mutual cooperation” where we give mutual support whenever needed.

The entity received a lot of support from the students during the Great East Japan Earthquake. 

We held a campaign for collecting supplies and everyone assisted by bringing in a high volume of items. Many of those students also volunteered to organize and pack the products. 

This way, our students who usually receive the support to learn Japanese, acted as supporting for those who needed it.

The students from Free School will assist in workshops and lectures by telling their own stories and experiences, teaching and becoming an example for new students.


Many university or high school students that join our itinerant lessons become interested in our activities and become volunteers at our entity.

Whenever we think we’re providing support, we realize that we’re receiving so much more: we’re building the entity and the society together. 

When acting together, we’ll always give back with a smile. 

This is our entity.

We organize actions and events where Japanese and foreigners give each other mutual support. Our activities, especially for foreign residents, are not only supportive, but they’ll enable the means to build a pleasant society for everyone. Japanese, foreigners, nikkeis, adults and children, we’re longing for the future facing challenges together. 

ABC Japan Headquarters

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