University Enrollment Guidance in Japan


In Japan, about 1 out of 2 high school graduates go on to university or junior college now. Furthermore, about 70% of high school graduates go on to higher education institutions including vocational colleges.

After graduating from high school, students have so many more options than after graduating from junior high school, and there is an abundance of information about those options. This book was written to provide high school students and their parents with what they must know and a variety of information on how to prepare for entrance exams when aiming to go on to higher education after high school.

Guidebook to Go on to University

This guide is designed for foreign-bound students and their parents/guardians so that when they decide to continue their studies, they will have access to the necessary information about the university entrance exam.

What is university like? What is the difference with junior college? What is a technical school? How should I proceed in choosing the university and department? How should I proceed with my studies? How much will the tuition cost? As there are probably many questions, we will try to answer each one. Look in the index, the page corresponding to the subject of your interest.

We hope this material will be useful for those who intend to enter the university. We wish you success in achieving your dreams.