ABC Japan's Portuguese as Heritage Language Workshop

ABC Japan’s course of Portuguese as Heritage Language (PHL)


Give your children the opportunity to learn Portuguese as a Heritage Language, so they appreciate and value their roots more.

Online Classes

The course is held online, so students from all over Japan can access the lessons.

Qualified Professors

Our professionals are competent and qualified to meet students' needs.

About the PLH Workshop

The two base concepts of our curricular proposal for the Portuguese as Heritage Language (PLH) Workshop are the Portuguese Language and the Brazilian culture, the two most precious values that Brazilian families that live abroad can pass on to their children. Mastering the mother tongue assists with the family communication and relationship as well as expands the possibilities in professional fields, while building connections between Brazil and Japan.

The lack of proficiency in Portuguese may lead to a lack of self-confidence in these children, resulting in mental instabilities and affecting their relationship with their parents.

Therefore, ABC Japan created the PLH Workshop to build an environment where children connected with Brazilian culture can think about their own roots and identity, learning more about Brazil and meeting other children in a similar context. 

Many of those children connected to foreign countries feel bad about their origins and roots due to the great cultural and linguistic barriers, while they lack positive experiences and opportunities to meet more of their own countries.

ABC Japan's Exclusive Courseware


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Onça pintada

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Livro do professor

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Preparatory Course for the PHL Olympiads

Group lessons

Information about the course:

  • Beginning of classes: May 11th
  • End of classes: December 14th
  • Classes on  Saturdays 10:00 to 11:30 AM (JST)
  • Online lessons through Zoom
  • Target audience: Brazilian children born in Japan, regularly enrolled in Japanese Schools, between 9 and 15 years old
  • Price: FREE
  • Sign up until April 25th, 2024

PHL Olympiads

The PHL Olympiads is an event promoted by the Brazilian Government and held by the Brazilian General Consulate in Japan in partnership with ABC Japan. To know more about this yearly event, please access the link below.